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Buy Duroflex mattress, the best mattress online in India.

There is one brand that easily comes to mind when you think of quality and comfortable mattress that is also light, easy and playful – Duroflex. Considered to be a pioneer in setting high sleep comfort standards, Duroflex has carved a niche for itself in the mattress industry, quickly becoming one of the best mattress online in India - Have you tried it yet?

The best part about Duroflex is their strict adherence to quality regardless of the change in economic policies, market dynamics, ergonomic theories, etc. This is why Duroflex is one of India’s leading manufacturers and distributors of advanced sleep systems.

Duroflex’s forte lies in their ability to reach a wide audience. They have designed all their products in such a way so as to meet customer requirements that range from specific medical condition, those who require a firm back support or need advanced sleep solutions.  Let’s see some of the advantages of Duroflex mattress that makes it one of the most sought-after brands:

Full prone support:
Duroflex mattresses are manufactured of specially made springs.  They are weighted and placed across three various zones that help improve your pressure points throughout the body. What a way to maintain perfect spine health!

Where luxury meets comfort:
Duroflex mattress is not only about comfort, but makes you sleep like a king or a baby if you prefer describing your experience thus. Thanks to Duroflex’s high density bonded foam, the user gets therapeutic sleep every single night with absolute luxury and comfort.

From summer to winter:
Duroflex mattress is made with the flip side where one is of latex and the other side quilted.  That is why Duroflex ‘s users find it durable for all seasons.

Lasting value:
A key characteristic that separates Duroflex from the rest is that they are designed and built for lifetime use. Its quality is simply matchless and what customers get in return is real bang for bucks.

In this fast-paced world that is work-intensive, a perfect sleep therapy is all you need to rejuvenate yourself every morning. Only a good mattress can afford to give you comfort and luxury to deal with the everyday grind.  There are different product ranges with various price tags that Duroflex offers to customers including mattresses for back pain, orthopaedic mattresses, latex foam mattresses, luxury mattresses, etc that have been on the top of the charts as bed mattress online in India. So what are you waiting for? Simply grab a Duroflex mattress and sleep like a champ.

Duroflex Bodyline Mattress - Latex Foam

from Rs 19,443


Duroflex Coir Mattress - Crown

from Rs 15,276


Duroflex Seasons Mattress - Latex Foam

from Rs 22,221


Duroflex Soft-O-Plus Mattress - PU Foam

from Rs 18,193


Duroflex Spinerest Mattress - Memory Foam

from Rs 19,583


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